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Explore Realms Online on a new mount from Massively and GameSamba

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

GameSamba, one of the newest names in the free-to-play MMO world, has big plans for new titles this year. The company's third title, Realms Online, began open beta today, and we've got a gift for you to celebrate!

We've got an Alsius White Wolf mount so you can enter the game in style. "Brought to these lands by the Nordos, their predatory instinct made them some of the most feared beasts of the Icy Mountains. Since ancient times, the Nordos learned to tame them, making them one of the most attractive mounts available in the world."

Ready to saddle up and get into the game? Simply pick up your Alsius White Wolf code on our giveaway page and download Realms Online. Once you're in-game, press ESC and choose "Redeem Code" from the popup window.

Enjoy your new mount, and enjoy Realms Online!


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