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Verizon's Droid Charge expected to invade Costco, beckons with free ravioli samples

Zachary Lutz

The Droid Charge, our recently reviewed silent knight for Verizon, is expected to blaze into stores this week now that its retail embargo has lifted. Of course, this news comes like a blast of cold air following news that the handset would be indefinitely delayed. Android Central shares all the juicy details (thanks to a gutsy Costco employee), with the warehouse club expecting shipments to arrive on Thursday. As a side note, if you're intimidated by the $300 price tag, Costco's inventory screen suggests it will sell the phone for $250. Of course, given Verizon's hesitancy in bringing this LTE device to market, any additional hiccups wouldn't exactly surprise us, but if you're willing to brave those warehouse crowds and there's nary a Charge in sight, at least there's plenty of tasty morsels to nibble on.

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