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Sleep is Death creator's latest still coming to DS


The latest game from prolific indie designer Jason Rohrer, Diamond Trust of London will finally see the light of day on DS. In an interview with Charge Shot!!!, Rohrer said that he's landed a publisher -- Zoo Games -- for the long-awaited handheld release, which was originally being handled by Majesco.

Diamond Trust of London is Rohrer's 16th game and, in keeping with its developer's penchant for unconventional concepts, is a strategy title which revolves around the underground "blood diamond" trade. If it captures anywhere near the amount of genius found in other Rohrer games, such as Sleep is Death and Inside a Star-Filled Sky, we're sold.

[Ed. Note: Since this post was published, Charge Shot!!! has updated its interview with Rohrer to clarify that his Inside a Star-Filled Sky, and not Diamond Trust of London, is coming to Steam "soon."]

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