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The Daily Quest: Better living through science

Anne Stickney

WoW Insider's on a Daily Quest to bring you interesting, informative, and entertaining WoW-related links from around the blogosphere.

We had a tank in my guild, a very good tank. Occasionally when we were learning new content, he would suggest something completely out of the box, or he'd pipe up in Vent and ask, "So what happens if I pull that guy?" When asked why, he replied "For science!" and proceeded to do whatever it was his fool bear brain thought about doing, usually with disastrous results. The moral of the story is: When a giant talking bear suggests doing something for scientific purposes, brace yourself. Bad things are about to happen.

But as far as science, progress and improvements go, we've got a handful of posts from around the blogosphere thinking up new and innovative ways of making your WoW life just a wee bit more convenient.
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