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The Old Republic expected launch window confirmed


EA's financial results report was released to the public today, and alongside the various bits of fiscal information is one important tidbit for fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic. On page 17 of the document, we find "The Packaged Goods title release schedule excludes Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is expected to launch in either Q2 FY12 or Q3 FY12," where Q2 FY12 and Q3 FY12 correspond to July through September and October through December, respectively, of this year.

This is obviously excellent news for those who are anticipating The Old Republic's release, and it's aptly timed to boot, coming to light on Intergalactic Star Wars Day. Given that the last piece of information we heard regarding The Old Republic's launch was back in March, we're heartened to see that EA is still holding strong for a 2011 release. If you're the sort of person who likes numbers and financial information for some unholy reason, the document in its entirety is available for your perusal.

Fan site Darth Hater has parsed the earnings call itself, noting that EA has also confirmed that SWTOR will be launched as a "Digital Service" under a subscription model.

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