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OtherOS++ brings Linux back to the PS3, taunts Sony


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Mourn no more PS3 owners: what Sony hath taken away, the hacker community has given right back. The team at have returned Linux to the Cell-based gaming console with OtherOS++, which boasts a number of benefits over Sony's official stab at supporting other operating systems. For one, Linux is no longer relegated to a performance-degrading virtual machine and has full access to the PS3 hardware, and two, it works on both old-school "fat" models and the newer "slim" ones. We warn you, though -- this install is not for the faint of heart, and some older models that use NAND flash instead of VFLASH aren't compatible (check against this list). If you're undeterred, hit up the source link for downloads, instructions, and (most importantly) to stick it to the man.

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