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LotRO players take on project to catalogue the in-game store


Ever since Lord of the Rings Online introduced its free-to-play model last fall, players have grappled with the new store interface and its many, many offerings. One of the biggest requests fans have had was for Turbine to post a list of the LotRO Store merchandise outside of the game, a request that has so far been ignored.

However, a group of enterprising players on Lotro-Wiki decided to pick up the ball and run with it. According to A Casual Stroll to Mordor, this community-driven project is well underway on the wiki with a list of hundreds of items already. Of course, the store's prices aren't always fixed in stone -- especially with deals and sales being posted all the time -- so the list should be read with that fact in mind.

Even though the LotRO Store catalogue is already lengthy, the creators of the project say that they have a ways to go and could use your help. If you have any interest in assisting, head on over to Lotro-Wiki and sign up!

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