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Marvelous and AQ Interactive merging


Marvelous Entertainment, the developer of the Harvest Moon series and Japanese publisher of games like No More Heroes, Muramasa, and Deadly Premonition, is entering into a merger with AQ Interactive, the publisher of the Korg DS-10 games, Bullet Witch, Blue Dragon Plus, and the 3DS title Cubic Ninja.

Also included in the merger is Liveware, a mobile games company that was originally part of Marvelous anyway. The new company will be called Marvelous AQL when the merger finalizes on October 1.

AQ Interactive has been doing some merging on its own. Last year, it absorbed its subsidiary Cavia, developer of Nier and the Drakengard games, into itself. It later did the same with developers Artoon and Feelplus.

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