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Fallen Earth dev talks progress town layouts and destructible buildings

Jef Reahard

Progress towns have been on the minds of Fallen Earth fans -- and developers -- for quite a while now. The unique mechanics, which offer a newfangled approach to long-standing player city designs, are currently on the game's public test server, where three separate towns exist for players to capture and rebuild.

In a new interview at MMORPG Center, Icarus Studios' lead scripter Doug Goodall talks a bit about the mechanics of Fallen Earth's entry into the dynamic content wars, including interesting blurbs on destructible buildings and pre-defined layouts. "There are no pre-defined positions. The layout of the town is entirely up to the players," Goodall explains.

While rebuilt progress town structures cannot be destroyed by enemy players, the buildings and defenses can be razed by NPC enemies bent on attacking the settlement. If this happens, Goodall says that crafters will not be reimbursed for the materials expended in the construction process. What if you mess up during the placement phase? "A refund [...] may be added to let players recover from placement errors," Goodall notes.

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