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Super Hero Squad Online adds Thor, Asgard

Jef Reahard

Marvel Universe Online may not have made it out of the gates in time to bask in the cross-promotional glow of the new Thor film, but the other Marvelized MMO is picking up the slack. Super Hero Squad Online has just announced the addition of Asgard to its game world, not to mention a couple of timely superhero appearances by the likes of Valkyrie and Ultimate Thor (the latter of whom is a subscriber-exclusive).

SHSO also sports a new Loki-powered mission called the Gods of Thunder, and a Classic Thor character is in the works for a future update. The kid-friendly Superhero Squad Online gives players the chance to don the capes, tights, and armor of Marvel's greatest heroes, and you can learn more about the free-to-play title at its official website.

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