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TUAW's Daily iOS App: Super 8


We've seen a bevy of vintage photography apps. Hipstamatic might be the most popular, though Instagram has a solid group of users as well. But, Super 8 brings a new idea to the party: vintage videos [Of course this isn't really "new" as apps like 8mm and Silent Film Director perform a similar function - Ed.]. Just like Hipstamatic, Super 8 will capture media from your iPhone that looks like it was photographed with an old camera. But instead of still pictures, you'll get old film-style videos. Just like the other vintage apps, there's a cool UI and plenty of extras to play with, including adding film scratches, titles and editing film clips on your iPhone.

When your films are done, you can email them or save them to a computer with iTunes. It's very well done -- the app is actually put together by Paramount as a promotion for the upcoming JJ Abrams movie, but it's still very well done by marketing firm QMX Interactive and offers a lot of functionality to play with.

Plus, for now, the app is a free download, so you can check it out without paying a thing. Very cool idea.

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