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1080p camera sensor could be in the next iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


As Engadget reports, OmniVision Technologies, Apple's supplier of CMOS sensors for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, has unveiled a 5 MP camera sensor that is capable of recording 1080p video. The sensor, named OV5690, is thin enough to fit in the iPod touch and iPad -- unlike the current 5 MP OmniVision CMOS sensor, which will only fit in the iPhone 4's body.

The OV5690 sensor would be a huge boon to the iPad and iPod touch, whose cameras are currently capped at less than 1 MP and shoot video in 720p. As for the next iPhone, the OV5690 sensor would definitely fit in it, but that would mean the iPhone's camera resolution would be limited to 5 MP -- the current resolution of the iPhone 4. There have been plenty of rumors floating around that the next iPhone will sport at least an 8 MP camera. But if Apple wanted to go more than 8 MP and offer users the ability to shoot in 1080p they could, as MacStories notes. In January OmniVision introduced a 10 MP camera sensor that shoots in 1080p and would fit in the iPhone 4's body.

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