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Final Fantasy XIV updates Grand Company page with more details, dungeon preview

Eliot Lefebvre

The Grand Companies of Eorzea have been getting quite a bit of foreshadowing in Final Fantasy XIV, but they haven't yet made their full appearance. Patch 1.18 promises to change that, however, and in preparation for the game's next major patch, the official page on the Companies has been updated with information on the process of joining in the war effort. Each Company will have a distinct ethos and overall goal, and it will be up to each individual player to determine which of the organizations to work alongside.

In addition, the page details the first of the promised dungeons, starting with the Gridanian prison of Toto-Rak. Originally meant to house truly vile criminals, the dungeon has become a recent hotbed of Garlean activity, and there are ominous hints that something even worse may be lurking in the depths. Final Fantasy XIV players can look forward to the update itself in June, but the promised content certainly looks ambitious thus far.

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