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New evidence supports Bungie's Destiny in MMOs


If you have been following Bungie, then you are well aware of the alleged MMO in development by the creators of the single-player first-person shooter series Halo. Most are also aware of the "World of Warcraft in space" quote from a supposed ex-Bungie employee in the geek blog Kotaku. In that same article, the source named Project Tiger by another name: Destiny. At the time, there was nothing to validate the claims of the article, until now.

Now may be a good time to don your tinfoil hat.

On the fan site, a blogger may have discovered an actual connection between the words of the ex-Bungie employee and the name Destiny. While tracing the activities of Bungie employees, this intrepid pursuer found Podophobia Entertainment a company formed by Harold Ryan and Martin O'Donnell of Bungie. One of the trademarks issued by this company was the name Destiny listed as "computer game software downloadable from a global computer network."

Massively will let you draw your own conclusion for this, but pictured above is the trademarked logo for Podophobia's Destiny and next to that a Bungie employee wearing that same logo on a t-shirt. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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