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No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise coming August 16 to North America


No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is cutting a bloody path to North America for an August 16 launch. The PlayStation Move-enabled title will be available tomorrow in Europe; a non-Move version with the same title hit Japan last year.

Konami reiterated that the upcoming No More Heroes: Red Zone for Japan simply adds Move support and is the same game as the Western version of Heroes' Paradise.

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The Countdown Begins as North American Fans of the Hack and Slash Title Will Soon be Able to Use the PlayStation®Move as Their Beam Katana

With the European version of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise launching today, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced the release date for the North American version which is scheduled to release August 16th 2011 for PlayStation3. For the first time in franchise history, fans of the exciting hack and slash series will have the opportunity to see Travis Touchdown in rich high definition graphics as No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise makes its first appearance on a next generation console in North America.

To clarify possible confusion regarding its forthcoming No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise title for PlayStation®3 and the forthcoming Red Zone Edition being released in Japan, Konami Digital Entertainment would like to state that Japan previously released No More Heroes on the PlayStation®3 with no PlayStation®Move compatibility. The new Red Zone Edition is thus a localized version of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise available there for the first time and not a new title.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise will be available August 16th of 2011 for PlayStation®3 in North America utilizing the PlayStation®Move motion-detecting unit for the very first time.

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