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Samsung Omnia 7 patch resistance resolved using, well... resistors of course (video)

Zachary Lutz

Omnia 7 owners just can't get a break. Sure, life seemed dandy after Samsung released a utility that promised to resolve future update headaches, but that assumed everyone would be able to apply the fix. Unfortunately, Sammy's tool requires users to put their phone into download mode to get the patch -- a feat that devices with bootloader v4.10.1.9 simply cannot perform. Understandably, some frustrated folks are taking matters into their own hands after discovering a way to fool the Omnia 7's circuitry, which forces the phone to enter download mode with the help of a 301KOhm resistor (although three 100KOhm resistors in series work fine most of the time). It's not a pretty solution, but seems to be working for many. Hit the break for a video detailing the trickery -- RadioShack will surely appreciate the business.

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