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Steve Jobs in video tour of the first Apple Store


If you're looking for a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Apple Store, look no further than this YouTube video. In it, a much younger-looking Steve Jobs gives a video tour of the first store in Tyson's Corner, VA six days before the grand opening. The video was presented to an enthusiastic crowd, apparently at WWDC 2001 (since Jobs makes reference to "we'll provide shelves for as much as you can write," and Macworld NY didn't happen until July), which was held at about the same time.

It's amazing to see how the Apple Store concept has evolved in those ten years. In the video, Steve shows off the huge black shelves that used to dominate the center of the store, covered with rows of boxes of Mac applications. Those, of course, have disappeared with the advent of the App Stores. Jobs also notes that they'll be selling third-party hardware, including digital video and still cameras, MP3 players (the camera lingers for a moment on a Creative Labs Nomad) and PDAs.

Now, of course, the MP3 player market has been dominated for nearly ten years by the iPod, and PDAs are just a distant memory that has been outshadowed by the iPhone. Click the read more link to watch the video, and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

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