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'PSP Remaster' series coming to PS3 in Japan, starting with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

In the wee hours of the morning, Sony Computer Entertainment announced a program which could make several of its popular properties even more profitable: A "PSP Remaster" series, which will port select PSP titles to Blu-ray on PS3. The first entry in the series, which has only been confirmed for the Japanese market, is Capcom's bone-collecting action-RPG Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which will be infused with a booster shot of "more gorgeous and vibrant" visuals.

The series' press release announcement says these PSP ports will be completely compatible with their portable counterparts, allowing players to transfer save data between the two versions, or play with nearby friends using ad-hoc mode on the PS3. The press release also mentions that some games might feature "new add-on content or stereoscopic 3D support" -- however, no other games or North American launch details have been announced. We've got our fingers crossed for some timely E3 elucidation.

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