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HTC EVO 3D priced at $200 on contract, free pack-ins cost your dignity


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You've been able to pre-order an HTC EVO 3D since last week, but it involved a bit of a leap of faith since both price and release date were unannounced. Well, we can now solve at least one of those mysteries -- the EVO 3D will run you the industry standard $200 with a 2-year contract, while the commitment averse can snatch one up for $500. You can save yourself an extra $100 by picking yours up at RadioShack and trading in your EVO 4G or Shift 4G. Obviously, you'll still have to plunk down for the monthly "premium data add-on" and exactly when you'll be able to start leaving fingerprints all over that glasses-free 3D screen is still anybody's guess but, hey, at least it comes with a free copy of The Green Hornet and the Black Eyed Peas' Phenomenon. You know, because while a high-end smartphone may cost $200 on contract, good taste is priceless.

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