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WoW Moviewatch: MMO Lolita


Work Warning: References sexual themes, though not really in a suggestive way. It's about people being suggestive.

Brunhila is still relatively new to the machinima scene; we featured her first video, Mad World of Warcraft Cataclysm, in January. She's back with another song, MMO Lolita. This is a WoW-themed parody of Madonna's La Isla Bonita, though it sounds like the entire arrangement was recreated by Brunhila.

I really, really love Brunhila's work. Her sense of humor feels insightful and intelligent, and her works tend to reference the universal experiences in WoW we all encounter. Obviously, she's got some great musical skill; I love the way she arranges the parody, and her vocal performances knock it out of the park.

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