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iPhone 4 to arrive in India on May 27


TUAW readers in India waiting for the iPhone 4 to show up only need to wait two more days. Indian mobile carrier Airtel has been taking pre-registrations for the iPhone 4 since earlier this month, but now competitor Aircel is going to hit the market first.

Aircel is launching the iPhone 4 on Friday for both pre-and-postpaid plans. The retail price isn't cheap -- you can expect to pay Rs 34,500 (about US$763) for the 16 GB iPhone 4 or a whopping Rs 40,900 (about $905) for the 32 GB model.

There's something that should make the sting of paying for the iPhone price up front a bit less painful. Aircel is using a reverse-subsidy program, and you can recover the full cost of the iPhone 4 in monthly credits over the next two years.

Details of the plans Aircel is offering are here.

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