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Aion Brigade General armor and weapons detailed in new video

Jef Reahard

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The 2.5 update has brought quite a bit of new content to Aion. Whether we're talking about the new Esoterrace or Empyrean Crucible instances, new pets and related functionality, or the new mentoring mechanics, heretofore bored high-level Daevas now have a lot of new stuff to occupy their time.

Aion's latest patch also features some new gear carrots to chase, and these take the form of the game's first eternal grade PvP weapons and armor. The Brigade General's weapons and armor set is basically the best there is, with stats that top the Primus Pilus set's stats and that go a long way toward making your Daeva indestructible.

So put your nose to the Abyss Point grindstone and get your god-like armor, but not before you take a look at the new video after the cut. It shows all the class-based Brigade General sets as well as a bit of action footage.

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