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InFamous 2 imPorts your inFamous Trophy data to grant rewards, alter story


Sucker Punch wants to reward its fans for being especially good ... or especially bad. IGN reports that InFamous 2 offers an option to import Trophy data from the original InFamous, which is then turned into starting bonuses in Cole McGrath's new adventure.

We've got a rundown of what your Trophies are worth in the sequel after the break -- starting XP bumps and the like -- but the most interesting bit of info is that having unlocked specific story-related Trophies will actually alter the dialog and side missions in InFamous 2. We'd tell you what they are, but then you'd have to kill us. And also, we don't know, because IGN didn't say.

Of course, you could also look at this feature as one big morality test: Will you be a goodie two shoes and choose not to import your data, or do it and effectively use a "cheat" right at the start of the game?

  • Finished the game on any difficulty: 1,000 starting XP
  • Have obtained a Good or Evil Trophy: Start with level 1 good or bad karma
  • Have found 25 percent of the blast shards: Energy core (health bar segment)
  • Have found 50 percent of the blast shards: Two energy cores
  • Certain unspecified "decisions" also result in changes in side missions, Dead Drops and dialogue

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