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Super Hero Squad Online showcases Gladiator Hulk


Hail, emperor, we who are about to SMASH salute you! Gazillion Entertainment announced today that a new warrior has entered the Super Hero Squad Online Colosseum. Gladiator Hulk (who was actually introduced in the Asgard update) looks smashing (ah ha ha) in his gladiator's armor and is ready to dominate the arenas and smash some skulls.

In addition to introducing the new combatant, Gazillion says that the game has been updated with extra missions for players to come, see, and conquer. For a look at Gladiator Hulk in action, you can check out the gallery below or jump on past the cut for a trailer showcasing Hulkimus Maximus going Roman on some unfortunate souls. And of course, to join the fray you can click on over to the Super Hero Squad Online official site.

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