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Is your Galaxy S II's display yellow on the left?

Joe Pollicino

We're inclined to think this may just be a case of fresh glue settling, but a thread started on May 14th by Erethnor at the xda-developer forums has been been growing, with keen eyed Galaxy S II owners posting about a display issue on their beloved new phones. Affected users are reporting that the left side of their Super AMOLED Plus displays have a yellow discoloration, viewable mainly with low brightness -- especially on white and grey backgrounds. The example above, from user NitroOnTheRocks, is comparatively harder to notice than the old mustard stain on our jeans from last year's Engadget Memorial Day BBQ, but we've included another photo, from user stijnr, after the break for all you skeptics. Also, if you have a Galaxy S II, let us know about whether you're experiencing this anomaly in our poll below.

[Thanks, Eric]


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