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Windows Phone 7 'Mango' update adds greater Avatar interaction


An update for Windows Phone 7 is currently in the works dubbed 'Mango' which brings more features and functionality to Windows Phone 7 devices -- stuff like Office and Facebook Chat, and, uh, Minesweeper? MS Paint?

Look, we're really not that into the whole phone thing, but one thing about this YouTube video of the alleged update has caught our eye: Avatar interaction. Sure, we've seen Avatar accosting before on our phone, but the 'Mango' update looks to implement even more ways for your Avatar to act out -- specifically, the emotions of anger, stop poking me and leave me the hell alone.

Hit the jump to see it all in action for yourself. The Xbox integration stuff starts around the 2:56 mark -- we'd just make sure you mute the video before hitting that play button, though. The music throughout is pretty annoying.

[Thanks, Travis]

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