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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 'Resurrection' DLC out this month


The final piece of downloadable content for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be released next week, according to Konami. Entitled "Resurrection," the new chapter follows on the previously released "Reverie" DLC and "lays bare the fate of both Gabriel and the Belmont clan." The DLC sees Gabriel facing off with a demon known as "the Forgotten One" -- he's the large fellow pictured above -- and promises a "stunning finale" to the story.

"Resurrection" is scheduled to arrive on Xbox Live on June 7, and PSN on June 8, for $10.

Update: The "Resurrection" DLC on PlayStation 3 has been pushed back to June 14.

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Final Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC Coming Soon!

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. has confirmed that it will release its second DLC add-on for its acclaimed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow title in June.

Entitled "Resurrection", the DLC will be released via Xbox LIVE® Arcade for Xbox 360® on June 7th for 800 Microsoft Points, and through PlayStation®Network for PlayStation®3 on June 8th, priced $9.99. The download follows on from the previously released "Reverie" DLC – which itself followed on from the completed main game – and lays bare the fate of both Gabriel and the Belmont clan. Gabriel must battle an evil demon known only as 'The Forgotten One' that has broken loose of its ancient chains.

The new levels provide a stunning finale to KONAMI's epic tale of death, betrayal and redemption – with 'The Forgotten One' intent on destroying mankind, and only Gabriel standing between it and its goal...

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