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Engadget Podcast 242 - 06.03.2011

Trent Wolbe

This was a big, busy week that had the Engadgeteers spread far and wide across the globe getting the down and dirty on every piece of gear that came into the universe. You might feel overwhelmed. And we don't blame you. There are lots of us, and only one of you, so let us help you boil it down for you in this, the 242nd edition of the Engadget Podcast.

Host: Tim Stevens
Guests: Brian Heater, Richard Lawler
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Are You Gonna Go My Way

04:03 - Microsoft unveils Windows 8 (video)
10:30 - HP's Leo Apotheker totally open to licensing webOS to other handset makers
13:40 - Live from D9: Google's Eric Schmidt takes the stage
19:45 - ASUS targets Christmas for Padfone launch, hints at Ice Cream Sandwich (video hands-on)
23:52 - Acer W4 Windows Phone Mango handset eyes-on (video)
24:42 - Acer Iconia M500 runs MeeGo on an Atom CPU, coming at the end of this year (hands-on video!)
25:08 - ASUS outs UX21 ultrathin laptop with up to Core i7 CPUs (video hands-on!)
26:10 - Intel ships 100 million Atoms, celebrates third birthday of netbook CPU
27:02 - LG V300 does multitouch, 3D, all-in-one
29:10 - Apple to unveil iCloud, iOS 5 on Monday, June 6
38:10 - Barnes & Noble Nook WiFi review
44:43 - Sony stands behind its digital projectors, claims the only thing ruining movies is Russell Brand
47:50 - Hulu, Miramax deal means Netflix, Hulu Plus both add Pulp Fiction and more starting today
49:30 - Sony promises global PSN restoration by week's end, except in some parts of Asia
49:52 - Nokia's online stores go offline in France and Spain (update: Netherlands too)
50:15 - Danger's iconic Hiptop fades away / the Sidekick is here to stay
50:55 - Patent reveals Microsoft's Zune Nano, reminds us of an ambitious past
51:40 - Cellphones are dangerous/not dangerous: the WHO changes its mind
52:48 - quietly replaced by, no wake to follow
54:20 - Sony Pictures hacked by Lulz Security, 1,000,000 passwords claimed stolen
55:35 - Listener questions

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