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iPhone Mobile Authenticator temporarily removed from iTunes store

Anne Stickney

Those players using the iPhone Mobile Authenticator in conjunction with their Warcraft accounts may want to note the latest news from Community Manager Lylirra on the official Blizzard forums. Due to an issue with the latest version of the authenticator, the app has been removed from the iTunes store, to be replaced with a new version at a later date.

Don't panic if you happen to have the authenticator tied to your account -- all current authenticators will continue working as usual, but players looking to download or update the app for their iPhone or iTouch devices will have to wait until the new version is released. Also note that whatever this issue may be, it is not a security issue; your account is perfectly safe.

Follow after the break for the full announcement.

Due to an issue with the latest version of the iPhone Mobile Authenticator application (version 1.3.0), we've temporarily taken down the app from the iTunes store. Rest assured that we're already working on a new version and will be providing an update in this thread as soon as that new update is up. Please note that until the new version is made available, iPhone and iTouch users will be unable to download the app or upgrade it to the latest version.

If you use a non-iPhone version of the Mobile Authenticator, have not upgraded to version 1.3.0, or if you upgraded an existing version via iTunes but have not retrieved a new serial number, your Mobile Authenticator should be unaffected by this issue and continue to function as normal. Regardless if you retrieved the update or not, there is no security threat or risk associated with the Authenticator's ability to continue protecting your account while attached.

As always, if you are experiencing any issues with an Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator, we encourage you to contact our customer support staff for assistance -


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