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Xbox 360 seeing stronger sales with age, 55 million consoles sold globally


Microsoft announced sorta reiterated this morning that the company has sold over 55 million Xbox 360 consoles globally, along with 10 million Kinect sensors and more than 10 million standalone Kinect games worldwide. The Kinect stat was something the company shared in March and the console totals are slightly higher than previously reported figure of 50 million.

Microsoft's real reason for sending out a pre-E3 press release this morning was to show off the pictured graph. It reveals that the Xbox 360 is selling better with age, breaking the standard console cycle mold. The Xbox 360 has been the top selling console in the US for ten of the past 11 months and has seen a 29 percent year-over-year increase in 2011.

Microsoft's E3 press conference will be held this Monday, June 6, at 9AM Pacific. We'll be there with our liveblogging suits on to see if Microsoft can keep its green line pointed upwards.

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2010 was the biggest year ever for Xbox 360 based on consoles sold and overall revenue generated at retail. 2011 will be another record year for Xbox 360 and no other console in history can make that claim six years into their lifecycle.

In fact, by continuing to extend the capabilities of the Xbox platform with Kinect and Xbox LIVE, Microsoft has "changed the tail" of the typical console lifecycle, showing dramatic gains in the fifth and sixth years of this generation. (SEE CHART BELOW)

On the eve of E3, Microsoft is releasing new data showcasing the success of Xbox 360 and the thriving Xbox LIVE community.

Microsoft has now sold 55 million Xbox 360 consoles across 38 countries and sales are accelerating. Xbox 360 maintains its lead in the U.S. as the top selling console in 2011, and ten of the past eleven months. In the first four months of 2011, Xbox 360 has seen a 29 percent year over year increase in sales, which is more than triple the growth of PlayStation 3 and the largest growth of any console on the market.

Xbox 360 has broken the standard mold for game consoles by transforming into more than just a game console. The Xbox LIVE community is actively engaged and consuming an incredible amount of entertainment. There are now nearly 35 million active Xbox LIVE members worldwide spending an average of almost 60 hours a month on the service - that means cumulatively Xbox LIVE members are now logging 2.1 billion entertainment hours a month. Compared to a year ago, there is three times as much video consumption taking place on the console.

Xbox used to be solely in the games business, but the business is on a different trajectory now. What was launched as the ultimate gaming machine has quickly evolved to become an all-in-one entertainment device with something for every member of the household. The magic of Kinect is making it easier than ever before for people to enjoy games and entertainment on Xbox 360. Microsoft has sold more than 10 million Kinect sensors and more than 10 million standalone Kinect games worldwide.

This is another year where Xbox will set new standards. 2011 will once again be a high water mark as the best year ever for the brand. The vision is simple: All of the entertainment you want. With the people you care about - made easy.

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