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ASUS MS248B 24-inch display does it all with one cable, thank you USB 3.0

Sharif Sakr

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USB-powered monitors started out small but are finally getting big enough to serve as a main display. The 24-inch ASUS MS248B is brought to life with a single cable courtesy of USB 3.0's extra current and bandwidth. What's more, this is achieved with few compromises: the LED monitor is just 16.5mm (0.66-inches) thick, does 1080p with a 2ms response time and has a 10000000:1 contrast ratio (although this last spec requires the usual seasoning). Some extras did have to be thrown overboard to bring power consumption down -- there's no additional USB or audio ports, webcam, card reader or ability to daisy-chain. But then, how much could you achieve with a mere 9W?

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