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Gears of War limited edition Xbox 360 bundle on Sept. 20 for $399; controller for $59.99 on August 11


Sure, you've seen the footage on Gears of War 3, but without an Xbox 360, how are you going to gunsaw dudebeasts in half? Well, with a limited edition branded console, of course! Epic and Microsoft are teaming up to offer not only a special console bundle pack, but also custom, individual controllers -- both of which will be accompanied by download tokens for in-game content.

For $399, you can snag the console bundle (which has special sound effects like the Halo: Reach console), which features a 320gb hard drive, two Gears of War 3-branded wireless controllers, a copy of the game, headset and two pieces of DLC: the Infected Omen Weapon pack, skins for the game's starting weapons (the Lancer, Retro Lancer, Gnasher, Hammerburst and Sawed-Off Shotgun) and the Adam Fenix multiplayer character. This bundle goes on sale September 20.

If you're looking for just a special controller, you can snag one of them for $59.99 starting on August 11 -- which has that new transforming d-pad and the aforementioned in-game content. Hit the gallery below for some shots of the new hardware, conveniently posed up against a red wall. So much red!

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