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Breakfast Topic: Where do you get lost?


I kinda like getting lost in an MMO. Maybe it's because I've had a lot of practice over the years, starting from that first week outside Felwithe in EverQuest. I was terrified to lose sight of the castle; it was dark out there -- really dark. Every hill and tree looked the same, and there were (gulp) orc pawns out there that would wipe the floor with you. Then you'd lose all your stuff, because your Sense Heading was abysmal and you didn't know any necromancers or bards who would help you locate your stinkin' corpse before it rotted.

Things didn't improve much inside the cities. I know more than one player who peevishly deleted their dark elf character in utter frustration, unable to find their way out of Neriak to begin adventuring (or back in again to sell and train). Still, if you kept at it, learning a new city organically was like moving to a new city in real life -- kinda scary, sometimes annoying, but ultimately bursting with delightful little discoveries.

Nowhere in World of Warcraft evoked that same depth of feeling for me until I made my first undead character and arrived in the Undercity. Okay, yeah, we know, it's just a big circle, right? Sure -- but I could never figure out which way to head around to get where I wanted to go. Funny thing is, I always thought it was just me, until my guild moved Horde-side and I began noticing the minimap dots of my groupmates going round and round and round the circle, long after I'd finally settled on which way to run from the bank or flight point.

Is there one city in WoW that simply confounds your sense of direction? Is the real "rise" in Thunder Bluff the heat of your temper going up as you search for the connecting bridge you need? Do the changes brought by recent expansions to cities your characters have felt at home in for years still throw you for a loop?

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