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Farewell, Friend Codes: Wii U to have single online identity and friends list [update]

Surprisingly, Nintendo wasn't the one to answer the question that's been at the forefront of our minds since John Riccitiello talked up the Wii U's online capabilities: Ubisoft recently told MTV Multiplayer that the system will get rid of the maligned Friend Codes system in favor of a single online identity (think: Gamertag). Players will also be able to build friends lists without the laborious process of swapping serial numbers.

The publisher reiterated the system's new, streamlined online network during a Nintendo developer roundtable, explaining that the studio is aiming for the Wii U to be Ghost Recon Online's backbone. The title will apparently play host to leaderboards, parties and a live activity feed of your Wii U friends which appears on the WiiPad. We'll press Nintendo for more info!

Update: From what we're hearing from Nintendo's developer roundtable, Ubisoft isn't absolutely certain if the Ghost Recon Online features they mentioned will actually make it into the game -- they're just features they'd like to see implemented. As far as the Wii U's unified online functionality, they wouldn't give any details at the developer roundtable.

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