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XBLA and PSN release Rotastic spins up its first trailer

Justin McElroy

We know you're probably not at E3, but if you are, drop what you're doing and check out Rotastic, a charming sort of multiplayer action puzzler from French studio Dancing Dots. Through tons of single-screen levels, players use their grappling hooks to swing between pegs collecting gems and performing stunts like figure 8s for extra points. In the online and couch multiplayer, players can connect to the same pegs as their friends and the player with the shortest rope slices the connection of the other, sending him flying.

Oh, and spinning generates a shield which protects ... you know, it's probably better if you just watch the trailer after the jump. It doesn't communicate the fun as well as playing, but believe us when we say you'll want to give it a -- wait for it -- spin when it launches on XBLA in September and PSN in January.

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