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Latest TiVo survey queries Facebook activity, VOD preferences and on the go viewing


With Hulu Plus on the TiVo Premiere and multiroom streaming apparently coming soon, we'll look again to the company's surveys to see what may be next on the list. One of our readers sent in a few screens of this month's poll, which went out of its way to find out the importance of access to video-on-demand from one's cable provider (an initiative that seems well underway) and some queries on Facebook usage (a: we're still playing Farmville all the time, is anyone else?) Finally, it asked about if users are still watching TV content on the go and if so, how they're doing it. It's been a while since we heard about any TiVoToGo updates, but with TV Everywhere spreading, maybe TiVo feels it needs to revisit its strategy.

[Thanks, Michael]

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