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Best Buy: Pre-order Batman: Arkham City for playable Robin


Boy, we wonder if we'll be able to play as Robin in any segment of Batman: Arkham City. Best Buy believes so, with the retailer's latest weekly ad touting the feature for pre-orderers. When you pre-order Arkham City from Best Buy, according to the listing, you get a "Best Buy exclusive downloadable Robin character" for use in two challenge maps.

This sounds exactly like the Joker challenge maps from the first game, which were offered free with the PS3 version. Well, not exactly, as this Robin offer pertains to PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. Regardless, is a playable Robin any less believable than a playable Joker? Regardless, pending an official confirmation by WB, we're regarding this reveal as a rumor, just like the urban legends of the invincible Dark Knight and his unbeatable partner, a small child.

[Thanks, Luke!]

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