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Shadow of the Colossus' lost ending


Team Ico head Fumito Ueda was looking through his notes, and discovered a tantalizing piece of gaming ephemera: a storyboard of an unused ending from Shadow of the Colossus. We're pretty sure it doesn't constitute a spoiler, because, well, it isn't the ending, and it's a difficult image to parse anyway.

Looking at the picture, we think we can just barely make it out ... it looks like ... Wander is waking up to discover that it was all just a dream! And then there's a knock on the door, and it's Argo the horse and all of the Colossi. And they've all brought birthday presents, and a Colossus-sized pizza with all your favorite giant toppings!

If you'd like to inspect the image for yourself for evidence of monolithic birthday parties, you can find it in slightly larger form after the break. We're not trying to make it a puzzle or anything -- that's just the size of the image that Ueda tweeted.

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