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Archos Arnova 7 hits the FCC, brings new hope to penny-pinching tablet enthusiasts


For those who like their Android tablets cheap, it looks like Archos is ready to unleash yet another budget-friendly addition to the Arnova family stateside. The Arnova 7 slate has just graced the FCC, accompanied by the requisite confidentiality requests, which means we won't get any real-deal shots of the thing, nor a full list of specs, but we did get a rather nice sketch of the WiFi tablet via the good old label-placement diagram. If that outline's got you all worked up, the Arnova 7's already received some pricing and spec details overseas, rocking a €99 price tag, 800x480-pixel display, and Android 2.2. Now we'll just have to wait and see how that translates when the Arnova 7 makes its way across the pond.

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