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HP messes with our brains, files six new TouchPad trademarks

Sharif Sakr

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HP has filed a bunch of TouchPad-related trademarks all in one go, and they must mean something, right? The USPTO database shows a TouchPad7, TouchPadGo, TouchPadFlex, TouchPadTwin, TouchPadGeo and TouchPadPro; unfortunately though, the descriptions provided with each trademark are so broad as to be useless, so we're not going to indulge HP by speculating as to what each moniker might mean. Who knows? Maybe it's all bluff, designed to spook other tablet manufacturers into taking up trout fishing instead, or maybe Jon actually did convince Leo to approve a webOS tablet for every day of the week. In the world of trademarks, stranger things have happened.

[Thanks, Brum]

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