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Pillar of the community: Vindictus adds a new character and events in 1.31


The always over-the-top Vindictus has released its latest update on the game world, Karok: Pillar of Strength. Actually, more like "Pillar of Smash Your Face In," although that doesn't fit as well on business cards.

The 1.31 update comes with a host of additions to the game, chief among them the ability to play a completely new character. The titular Karok is a hulking 400-pound giant who swings a barbed pillar, knocking foes out of the park. While he boasts great strength and power, his slower speed and lack of AoE attacks make playing him a challenge.

The Karok update also includes new transformations for the Dark Knight and Paladin, a leaderboard ranking system, party member ranking, new avatars for characters, and the end of the game's token system.

To celebrate the update, Nexon is throwing three in-game events. The Blood Brothers Event (June 15th to July 13th) gives your lowbie characters an XP boost if you have a level 40 or higher toon. During the New Recruit Event (June 15th to the 28th), baby-faced characters that hit level 10 will receive a welcome package. And finally, the Power Personified Event (also June 15th to the 28th) will reward new level 20 characters with three dye ampoules.

You can watch the Karok: Pillar of Strength trailer after the jump!

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