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Yakuza: Of the End hits the top of slow Japanese sales chart


After an earthquake-prompted delay, Yakuza: Of the End has been officially released in Japan, to ... pretty good sales. Not the best sales of the series, but the best sales of the very slow week. According to 4Gamer's report of Media Create sales, the gangsters vs. zombies shooter sold 298,717 copies in its first week, fewer than Yakuza 4 moved last year (384,000) or Yakuza 3 before (372,000). It wasn't enough to boost hardware sales appreciably, as PS3 sales only increased 594 units over the previous week, to 17,104.

Fans of low numbers will enjoy the rest of the sales chart -- the number two game behind Yakuza was Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, which earned its position by selling 15,551 copies. See the rest of the "top" ten after the break, and start formulating your plan to revitalize the Japanese game industry. Nintendo's thinking "release the 3DS again in a new color." Sega's plan is, of course, Of the End costume DLC (as seen above!)

Japanese Top 10 Software Sales (June 5 - 12):

  1. Yakuza: Of the End -- PS3 -- 298,717
  2. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D -- 3DS -- 15,551
  3. Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS -- DS -- 11,421
  4. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional -- DS -- 10,526
  5. One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special -- 3DS -- 8,384
  6. Gekiatsu!! Pachige Tamashii Portable Vol. 1 Evangelion Shinjitsu no Tsubasa -- PSP --6,608
  7. Wii Party -- Wii -- 6,243
  8. Akiba's Trip -- PSP -- 5,523
  9. Red Faction Armageddon -- PS3 -- 5,436
  10. Patapon 3 -- PSP -- 5,306

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