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A look at Luvinia Online's Berserker and Watchman


As Luvinia Online's heading toward closed beta testing here in the states, Outspark is trying to pump up interest in the title by highlighting the game's classes. Two of the revealed classes are the Berserker and Watchman, subsets of the Fighter and Scout roles.

The Berserker is your typical barbarian-who-unleashes-his-inner-Hulk character, utilizing rage to increase his damage, hit multiple targets, and pump up critical strikes. As Outspark says, "The heavens hath no fury like a Berserker scorned!"

On the flip side of rage is the Watchman's cool, collected poise. She uses ranged skills, traps and tricks to frustrate and kill enemies from afar, preferring the use of a bow over melee weapons. An interesting mechanic to the class is that the farther the Watchman is from her target, the more damage she does.

You can take a peek at the many classes of Luvinia Online, including the class grid, in the gallery below!

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