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World of Tanks invades LA in new videos


Get out of the way! Tanks are invading Los Angeles? Wait, what? That was at E3? Oh, OK. Well then, I suppose you're safe... for now! That's right, those wacky cads over at took the opportunity during E3 to invade LA with some very large, very real tanks. In case you weren't at E3 to see the madness first-hand (the team even brought a tank into the convention center to guard its booth), the team was kind enough to post a few videos outlining the (completely and utterly insane) task of invading Los Angeles with three different kinds of tanks.

Having chronicled World of Tanks' ongoing plans for world domination at E3, we can think of no better way to celebrate but to bring out some real heavy artillery. So strap on your helmets and Kevlar and army-crawl past the cut for some tanks-on-the-road madness.

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