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Nokia N950 pictures: a gallery's worth of MeeGo to tell the story

Darren Murph

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At long (long!) last, the N950 is upon us. While "announced" via a nondescript text document earlier this week, we still had no clear indication of what Nokia's second MeeGo device would truly look like just a day ago. Despite years of leaks and an inestimable amount of visions tip-toeing around in our brains, we never could nail down a solid image of the thing. Until today. In addition to the video grabs seen earlier, we stumbled upon a backdoor repository leading to a somewhat curious looking Nokia device; and sure enough, 20-some-odd N950 photos from Nokia itself flowed forth. It's mighty troubling to still not have a cemented price or release date, but hey -- at least you know it's worth saving for. Enjoy.

[Thanks, Jerry]

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