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Chinese UNISROBO KIRFbot is a not-so-cheap knockoff of NEC's PaPeRo


The KIRFs we normally see are of the cellphone and PMP variety, with the occasional laptop scattered here and there. In fact, this might be the first time we've seen a clone of a serious robot, and not just some remote-controlled toy. Above is the UNISROBO from a pair of Chinese companies, UNIS and Just Good Technology. Those of you with a strong memory may immediately notice its amazing resemblance to NEC's PaPeRo and PaPeRo-mini. Outside of the bright job, the only major aesthetic difference is the LCD embedded in UNISROBO's chest. Under the hood, however, is a different story -- this Chinese knockoff is missing the stereoscopic cameras and ultrasonic sensors that helped its Japanese inspiration navigate. There's one thing these copycats are not though -- cheap. UNIS will be selling two models at 2,980 and 3,980 Yuan (about $460 and $615). One more picture after the break.

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