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The Acorn A7000+ portable mod is what your MacBook looks like in an alternate universe

Brian Heater

Aside from its attempted rebirth as a laptop manufacturer back in 2006, we haven't heard all that much from Acorn Computers in the past, oh, two decades or so. And if you're not a UK native, there's a pretty good chance that you didn't hear all that much about the "British Apple" before then either. But while the company's more official attempt to go portable was nothing to write home about, its late-period A7000+ desktop has now seen a successful second life at the hands of a British modder as the A7KP. The Acorn's innards have been stuffed into a five pound (relatively) portable setup, featuring a 10.4-inch LCD, 4GB of flash memory, and a battery that offers up three hours of RISC OS-based fun. It's enough to make you wonder how you ever played Lemmings on anything else.

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