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Double Dragon 2: Wanderer of the Dragons rated for Xbox 360

Justin McElroy

While we were happy to read on Siliconera that the German USK rated Double Dragon II: Wanderer of the Dragons for the Xbox 360, we can't say we were all that surprised, what with Double Dragon having appeared on the service some four years ago.

No, the interesting thing for us isn't that Double Dragon II is coming -- it's wondering which Double Dragon II will show up. The original arcade version was broken up into just four stages, while the NES version completely redesigned the levels, upped the number nine and included some additional story segments.

But we are perhaps most captivated by the subtitle of this rumored release, "Wanderer of the Dragons." Wandering just doesn't seem to be in Billy and Jimmy Lee's physical vocabulary, does it? "Puncher of the Dragons"? Sure. "Hurricane Kicker of the Dragons"? Now you're talking.

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