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Allods Online patch 2.0.04 includes... underwear?


Players have already been treated to a couple of sneak peeks at the new features coming to gPotato's Allods Online with the upcoming patch 2.0.04, and yet the stream of information continues! The game's team released yet another small preview of what's to come with the update on the site today, and from the looks of things, it would seem that Allods players will have their hands full.

Allods' Summer Festival arrives with patch 2.0.04, providing players with a plethora of new daily quests as well as the opportunity to procure brand-spankin'-new vanity items such as wings and undergarments (yes, undergarments). Even mounts will get in on the festivities with new mount color patterns available only to "elite players" who can conquer the challenges of Twilight Isle. The update also brings training dummies, changes to the Astral system, and more. For the full details on this upcoming addition, check out the official site.

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