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fring releases iPad app with video calling


fring has released Video Calls + IM for iPad (free), offering video calling to eager customers. The app is the first free video call app for the iPad to offer group calling (Cisco's WebEx offers group video calls via iPad but is enterprise software and priced as such), with support for up to four simultaneous participants.

Video Calls + IM for iPad is platform-agnostic like a good global citizen (for the most part), and lets users chat with friends on iPads, iPod touches, iPhones and compatible Android and Nokia devices. Plus, it works over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G. So no "Wi-Fi Blues" with fring Video Calls + IM for iPad. Finally, the app lets you send (free) instant messages to other devices, as the name indicates.

The fring UI looks nice, as does the functionality. Add conference attendees with a drag-and-drop, while shiny, candy-like buttons welcome those with poor aim. Download now and give it a try because, well ... we're still waiting on Skype.

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